Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Family of Stephany Flores

Dear Familia de Stephany Flores,

It was with a great sense of loss when we learned of Stephany's death and we want to let you know your family has our greatest sympathy as we are truly saddened by your loss.

Stephany's passing will leave a void in our world and in the hearts of those who knew her. We keep your family in our prayers and may love be the strength that holds your family together.

Our sincere thoughts and prayers are with you.

With deepest sympathy,

Natalee's Freebirds (advocates for Natalee Holloway)

Querida Familia de Stephany Flores,

es un gran sentido de la pérdida cuando nos enteramos de Stephany muerte y queremos que le permite saber su familia tiene nuestro mayor simpatía como estamos verdaderamente apenado por su pérdida. Su fallecimiento dejará un vacío en nuestro mundo y en los corazones de aquellos que sabía que su. Nos mantenga a su familia en nuestras oraciones y que el amor la fortaleza que mantiene su familia juntos. Nuestro sincero pensamientos y oraciones están con usted.

Con más sentido pésame,

Natalee, Freebirds

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Chance For a New Beginning

Resulting from the tragic disappearance in May 2005 of Natalee Holloway on the island of Aruba, many immediately saw what appeared to be rampant cronyism, corruption, and downright criminal actions on the part of those elected to preserve and protect -- The Aruban Government and its Judiciary.

Throughout these past 4 years, many have watched and listened to further injustices against both Natalee and her family by those same "authorities".

Many have also seen the reaction of the world to the continued spotlight on Aruba, and its previously hidden underbelly of crime.

Such an underbelly has gone unreported in their crime statistics, thereby continuing to promote a safe vacation destination of "One Happy Island".


Now four years later, we are finally seeing what we hope is only the beginning of official investigating, exposing, and criminally charging those who helped Joran van der Sloot, Paulus van der Sloot, Deepak Kalpoe and Satish Kalpoe in covering up their crimes against Natalee Holloway.

This Aruban citizen has publicly stated what many have cried out for these past four years: Aruba, do something about your corrupt elected officials - from your Prime Minister, your Minister of Justice, and Minister of Tourism, to your Public Prosecutor, your Law Enforcement Officers, and your Judicial Bench.

YOU can make a change. YOU can ensure that your homeland turns itself around, punishes the guilty, and affirms that the message this injustice sent to your youth - that crime can and will go unpunished on Aruba - gets stopped now.

Your public outcry insisting on righting this wrong, on demanding just punishment against those who abducted and murdered Natalee Holloway, and those who enabled their freedom from such punishment are brought before Lady Justice, one and all, is imperative.

Send a message to your elected officials that their actions must reflect clear and concise measures of morality, good will, integrity and conformance to the law. Let them know that should their actions fall short of these things, that you the people will not tolerate it. That you will no longer suffer the consequences of their corrupt decisions and actions.

Aruban citizens, we urge you to send letters encouraging, pleading, and demanding a just and right investigation, including criminal prosecution of these foul perpetrators, to the Dutch investigators currently looking into these things.

Take a stand, and right this wrong. For Natalee Holloway. For her family.

And for yourselves and the future of your island.


National Chapter

TI Netherlands

Transparency International Nederland
t.a.v. de directeur
Benoordenhoutseweg 23
2596 BA s Gravenhage



Contact Person(s):
Mr Charles van der Mandele
Phone : +31 70 353 8280
Fax : +31 70 353 8333



MONDAY, JULY 27, 2009

Aruba's Moral Crisis

Where ever you go today, you are always able to hear something negative about the dire situation on the island of Aruba.

If it's not coming from your radio or television, it's the local newspapers filled everyday with articles that make it clear of this somber reality that according to many has really gone out of hand. These are not just ordinary complaints or political rants addressing a particularly bad situation. Unfortunately it is the ugly truth that we are all experiencing on this "one happy island" of Aruba today. Teen pregnancy has reached alarming and critical numbers apparently twice as large as the numbers presently at hand in Holland. The latter supposedly the country that many here in Aruba, including our Prime Minister and his popular sidekicks the Ex Minister of Justice and the Minister of Health call our "Mother Country" lacking in strong religious and moral conviction and lost in it's liberal ways with it's free sex, homosexual marriage, child pornography and it's drug abuse gone ramped and available everywhere in the Netherlands. These people are in the frame of mind that here in Aruba we are living in a super fantastic Utopia, where none of these undesirable things happen, this because of their own and their prestigious party's high moral and religious convictions. They believe they have all of these minor local problems very much under control as they all themselves live a healthy and wholesome life.

The Irony and cruel reality unfortunately is that here in Aruba our government employees and the government itself over the last few years have been constantly under suspicion and are presently being investigated by the Dutch government (as the local Aruban government and Dept. of Justice would not look into this for 8 consecutive years) for being involved in obscure businesses, fraud and scandal in different departments of the government.

Armed robbery cases, sometimes with bloody consequences in the light of day all around the island, the homeless drug addicted vagrant "choller" phenomenon is reaching it's highest numbers and keeps growing and is already to be seen at the high rise hotels. The stealing in and of automobiles, theft in commercial establishments and home invasions are happening more then ever all over the island. Many of these are done by our own local youth and this unfortunately has become a common occurrence. We have reached the point where everyone already ask themselves daily, "when will I be next"?

Where did things go wrong? Why does it seem that we never have a solution in place or one that soon will be implemented, for any of our social problems. Who will take responsibility for this fiasco and obvious failure to see or address these very apparent social problems.

Perhaps it was the rising of crude prices? or do we blame it on Henny Eman and his "gang" of the AVP party? Was it the Minister that was not available for health reasons and has since past away, is he to blame? Oh no, it was Tico, he single-handedly took care of this! Perhaps it's our antiquated and liberal Dutch laws? No, it's Andin Bikker the "Capitalist Straw Man", who did know how to break the monopoly in telecommunications on the island -where the big, fat and lazy government owned entity loved to over charge us all for a very long time on the island. Or was it Digicel? Is it the introduction of AZV our national health insurance or was it the racetrack or Ralph Sanchez perhaps? Or is it the crazy American Tourist who come to the island in droves and love to buy drugs and get high and make a scene everywhere they go? It's probably the devil worshipping cults that are recently invading and corrupting our Aruban teens. No it is the Colombian, Venezuelan, Dominican and the rest of these "Latinos" who we have been importing during the last few years to do the work, they are the ones to blame for this chaos here in Aruba.

Sorry folks, I believe it is none of the above. It is us, we the people of Aruba,
"The Original Aruban", we are to blame, we let things go out of hand and let this happen to our country and to ourselves.

The love for money and the yearning for living a larger life while having everyone around you work hard and possibly even suffer to make just a little bit. The lack of brotherly love and the sense of entitlement as to own and take things that you know are not yours, does not belong to you, do not deserve and was never yours to begin with, but knowingly keep it to yourself or keep abusing of this one sided situation anyway, as you believe that you deserve it and have the right to it. At hand is the "Live and Let Die " , "Greed is Good", instead of the "Live and Let Live" mentality. All of this with a corrupt governmental and judicial environment has unfortunately distorted the moral compass of the Aruban society.

And now what? Do we pray to God, Mother Mary, the Buddha, Saints Peter? Will this bring the solution? Or should we forget all our problems by ignoring the situation by the use and abuse of alcohol, drugs and partying on with no end every weekend. Who's is here this weekend? Double R, Diomedes Diaz, Earth, Wind and Fire, perhaps Jamie Foxx: "Blame it on the A, A, A, A, A Alcohol Baby.....?

No people, the solution starts with ones self.

Demand, what you do have the right to, in a well balanced society.

That is a peaceful life, living in harmony and coexistence with nature and your fellow man, all under the watchful eye of the Lord All Mighty. This should be demanded and expected from anyone who sits down in the new government seat.

What future would we have if it all stays the same and everything stays in the hands of those whom party in their private club and today own many things that 8 to 12 years ago they did not have, including nightclubs, sports bars, buildings "all inclusive" meaning already prearranged and signed with a convenient government long lease at exaggerated high rates and all this without having invited tenders nor legal contracts, hotel spa's, crazy high salaries for friends and family all these part of the Exclusive Elitist Club. Many of these do not even have to set foot at the government or government allied job for years, the traveling all over the world anytime there is an issue at hand in the parliament that these elected representatives have to face and resolve and therefor don't confront, not to mention the making available to these Ministers of government employees as to captain and maintain their personal yachts and to work on their political campaigns for this "private club of humble capitalist" working in a democracy of the people, for the people, by the people?

How embarrassing...

Please deceive someone else.

How sweet it is!

4 more years, 4 more years, 4 more years!

Wake up folks...


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hans Mos

Aruban Prosecutor ~ Or Sabateur?

Dutch Prosecutor Hans Mos rode into Aruba with his guns blazing, but like so many Dutch officials before him he has yet to prove his mettle.

Ever since Natalee Holloway disappeared from the island of Aruba, a long line of Dutch government officials and judicial officers have proven that there is no honor or justice in the Aruban legal and judicial system, beginning with former Aruban prosecutor Karin Janssen, Police Commissioner Jan van der Straten and Detective Dennis Jacobs, who made highly dubious decisions including the lack of a timely detention of prime suspects Joran van der Sloot and Deepak and Satish Kalpoe, which afforded them 10 days to dispose of all forensic evidence. Also, the supposed search of the van der Sloot residence – a search that was thwarted by another Dutch judicial, Judge Bob Wit, who limited the warrant on the spot to exclude the main residence and property surrounding the van der Sloot home. A few months later Dutch Judge Rick Smid would release the three suspects unconditionally despite the fact they each had radically different stories of what happened the night Miss Holloway disappeared and admittedly lied to Aruban police officials.

What has become painfully apparent throughout the case is that those Dutch officials seemingly have no integrity when it comes to policing their fellow countrymen on Aruba- no matter how dire the crime. Prosecutor Hans Mos seems to be simply the latest proof in this long line of deception with an apparent lack of moral compass and judicial prudence. Mos talked a good game, but failed to deliver and his statements and lack of action now look like just more lies.

The recorded statements made by Joran van der Sloot to an independent undercover agent in which he admitted he had Miss Holloway disposed of at sea - without knowing for certain if she was deceased at the time - seemed a sure fire nail in the coffin of this Prime Suspect.

Prosecutor Hans Mos went so far as to state that Joran's recorded statements support 80 percent of their investigative file.

Yet, to date, there have still been no formal charges filed against this self-proclaimed murderer.


Why hasn't Hans Mos filed a complaint against the Judges who gave preferential treatment to the suspects? Why has he simply rolled over for these judges who just happened to be friends and colleagues of Paulus van der Sloot? Is Hans Mos part of the conspiracy?

Jossy Mansur - NANCY GRACE - 10/04/05
GRACE: Jossy, regarding the connection, what I perceived to be a close connection between the judge, Paulus Van Der Sloot and the retired chief of police who initially handled Natalee`s case, Van Der Stratten, were they friends?

MANSUR: Of course, they were friends. It stands to reason they were friends because Paul Van Der Sloot had many friends within the police department; he had many friends within the Department of Justice. And he had many friends with -- and he was friendly with all the judges in Aruba. He worked out of the same office as they did and did the same work.

Paulus van der Sloot - Pauw & Witteman Show - 01/11/08
Paulus:Well look uhhhh… Mister De Vries can’t hear that good… If he would have listened carefully he would have heard that Joran said that he didn’t have any confidence in the OM (public pros.)! That’s what Joran has said. Joran didn’t talk about the judicial authorities. What you see now.., what has happened is that luckily we have judicial authorities… And we sit here again! So in the end it’s because of the judicial authorities that all has ended well.
Translation Credit: EURobert


Paulus van der Sloot was released on June 26, 2005 following four days in detention. A ruling by a judge in the Aruban court reversed his suspect status in regards to the Natalee Holloway case. Paulus then sued for compensation claiming he was wrongfully detained and he was subsequently awarded compensation by an Aruban court. However, the award was appealed by the prosecutor.

In January of last year, the Superior Court reversed the compensation that was awarded Paulus van der Sloot. The Superior Court ruled that there was taped evidence as well as a declaration by Paulus which implied, according to witnesses, that he had picked up Natalee and Joran at McDonalds on the morning of May 30, 2005. The ruling of the Superior Court was that Paulus van der Sloots detention was indeed justified.

Superior Court - 01/2007
The possible involvement of Paulus with that could then be deducted from the file with the official reports of witnesses, amongst which two people suggested a contact existed between Paulus and Natalee Holloway the night of her disappearance, and a taped report (that was given by the Prosecutor in her final note 1 to the Court). The taped information and his declaration that he picked up Joran and Natalee by the McDonalds Palm Beach and brought them to the Holiday Inn, are clearly understood by the Dept. of Justice, and could in the judgement of this Superior Court, be considered as an indication of the involvement of Paulus in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway.



1.3 A judge shall avoid close personal association with individual members of the legal profession, particularly those who practice in the judge’s court, where such association might reasonably give rise to the suspicion or appearance of favouritism or partiality.

1.4 A judge shall avoid the use of the judge’s residence by a member of the legal profession to receive clients or other members of the legal profession in circumstances that might reasonably give rise to the suspicion or appearance of impropriety on the part of the judge.

1.9 A judge shall not allow the judge’s family, social or other relationships improperly to influence the judge’s judicial conduct and judgment as a judge.

1.10 A judge shall not use or lend the prestige of the judicial office to advance the private interests of the judge, a member of the judge’s family or of anyone else, nor shall a judge permit others to convey the impression that anyone is in a special position improperly to influence the judge in the performance of judicial duties.

Why hasn't Hans Mos charged the suspects and brought them to trial? Joran van der Sloot admitted to molesting Miss Holloway while she was unconscious, which is a felony under Aruban law. He also admitted to disposing of her body, not knowing whether she was alive or deceased. Under Aruban law, that is Manslaughter at the very least.



Hans Mos ABC NEWS November 26, 2007
Hans Mos, Aruba's chief prosecutor, told ABC News he believes the the new evidence makes the case against the three men stronger than it was two years ago. "We are convinced if we had had this evidence we have now they would not have been released by the court at that time," Mos said.


DIARIO Aruba 02/05/2008
What was very important in this case, according to Mos, is that Joran said that they threw the girl at sea, without being certain if the girl was truly already dead. Legally, this means that Joran could be accused of murder and all variants related to this. Aside from this, Joran chose not to call police or an ambulance. The press brought forth that the supposed public phone that Joran would have used is one that uses credit cards and Mos said that they are investigating this.
[translated by Getagrip]
Posted by Getagrip at 2/06/2008 01:15:00 PM

Amigoe 1/31/08
OM Aruba investigates ‘Joran’s confession’ After having seen the recordings, Hans Mos said that ‘the truth is going to be revealed’ and that he ‘can actually close the case’. All the OM in Aruba said: This information can to a great extent contribute to the mystery around the disappearance of Natalee Holloway. Police and OM are currently investigating the trustworthiness and value of the information received.

Hans Mos On the Record with Greta November 27, 2007
GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, HOST: Breaking news from Aruba, Joran van der Sloot ordered to stay behind bars for at least eight more days. Now, the Kalpoe brothers already got the same news last week. Now, all three suspects were re-arrested. Why? The prosecutor has now charged all three with voluntary manslaughter of Natalee Holloway.

MOS: And this decision to re-arrest these three suspects was a decision taken by 10 lawyers, by 10 lawyers sitting around a table (INAUDIBLE) whole afternoon, being presented the new material.

Oranjestad, Aruba - Aruba's chief prosecutor says one of three suspects in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway wrote during an Internet chat session that the teenager was dead. Prosecutor Hans Mos refused to identify the person who wrote the message. But he told a news conference today that the discovery contributed to the decision to rearrest Joran van der Sloot and brothers Deepak and Satish Kalpoe last month. The men were subsequently released after they refused to speak to authorities about newly uncovered evidence. The Aruba Public Prosecutor's Office said Tuesday it would not charge any of the three unless new evidence surfaces. http://canadianpress.google.com/article/ALeqM5ji_lrY1LnUJC4blDU3WqVxbERywQ

Judge Approves Transfer for Suspect in Natalee Holloway Disappearance Case Thursday, November 22, 2007
THE HAGUE, Netherlands — A Dutch judge on Thursday approved the transfer to Aruba of a student suspected in the 2005 disappearance of American teenager Natalee Holloway on the Caribbean resort island, a prosecutor said. Joran van der Sloot, 20, was arrested Wednesday in the central city of Arnhem on suspicion of involvement in voluntary manslaughter and causing serious bodily harm that resulted in Holloway's death. http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,312568,00.html

Aruba Officials Detail Holloway Evidence Dec 20, 1:41 PM (ET) By MARGARET WEVER
ORANJESTAD, Aruba (AP) - One of three top suspects in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway wrote during an Internet chat session that the teenager was dead, Aruba's chief prosecutor said Thursday. Prosecutor Hans Mos refused to identify the person who wrote the message but said its discovery had contributed to the decision to re-arrest Joran van der Sloot and brothers Deepak and Satish Kalpoe last month. The men were subsequently released after they refused to speak to authorities about newly uncovered evidence. The Aruba Public Prosecutor's Office said Tuesday it will not charge the three. http://apnews.myway.com/article/20071220/D8TLBFJ01.html

Prosecutors to detail evidence against Holloway suspects Associated Press - December 20, 2007 2:23 PM ET
ORANJESTAD, Aruba (AP) - Prosecutors in Aruba are releasing evidence from the investigation into the disappearance of an American teen.

The country's chief prosecutor says the file includes an Internet chat session in which 1 of the three top suspects in the case said Natalee Holloway is dead.

The Alabama high school student vanished during a May 2005 vacation in Aruba with her graduating class. Her body has never been found.

The prosecutor didn't reveal the identity of the person who wrote the message. But he said its discovery helped lead to the recent decision to re-arrest the three suspects. All three have since been released.

The Aruba Public Prosecutor's Office said this week it won't charge them. Prosecutors say the re-arrests had been warranted by the circumstantial evidence. Those include witness statements saying the suspects had been behaving strangely in the hours after Holloway vanished.

They have said they still believe the trio was somehow involved in Holloway's disappearance, but can't prove it because no body has turned up.


Hans Mos is with his family in Holland, on a pre-planned holiday. The Press Prosecutor also confirmed that Van der Sloot has offered to meet with investigators in Holland, and that he will do so sometime in the future. She will not say when.


The Associated Press Published: December 8, 2007
Prosecutor Hans Mos said he does not anticipate ever finding Holloway's remains. "It's very hard to try a case without a body," he said. "It's not impossible, but you need substantial evidence that somebody was killed."

John Q. Kelly On the Record w/ Greta December 4, 2007
KELLY: Well, in their press release and even in conversations. I had a long discussion with him Thanksgiving morning after the arrests, and you know, he indicated that they were very confident, this new evidence they had, this incriminating evidence. And it turns out, quite frankly, that it is nothing new ...

VAN SUSTEREN: All right. So you can say with 100 percent certainly there's nothing new, right?

KELLY: I can say it with 99 percent.


Joran VDS Suspect Statement 06/09/05

It is possible that I called someone or that someone called me. It is also possible that I sent or received messages

Former suspect in Holloway disappearance regrets no trial December 23, 2007


Prosecutor's Press Release December 18, 2007

Public prosecutors on the island closed their investigation Dec. 18, saying they believed Holloway was dead but they did not have enough evidence to prosecute Van der Sloot or two other former suspected accomplices of a crime in her disappearance.

Since the release of all three suspects the Public Prosecutor’s Office has diligently considered and weighed all available evidence. It came to the opinion that the investigation did not bring about sufficient evidence to convince a Court of law that a crime of violence against Natalee Holloway has been committed, nor that her death has been caused by involuntary actions by either of the suspects. Neither was sufficient evidence gathered for sexual abuse. The Public Prosecutor’s Office expects that if this case would be tried in court it would lead to an acquittal of all three suspects on these various charges. Given that expectation the Public Prosecutor could no longer press charges against all three. It is contrary to the professional conduct to prosecute someone if the prosecutor himself expects an acquittal. http://www.nbc13.com/gulfcoastwest/vtm/news.apx.-content-articles-VTM-2007-12-18-0004.html


Patrick van der Eem Monday, April 14th, 2008
The ongoing boycot Aruba saga April 16th, 2008 at 12:38 am
I do know that Hans Mos from the moment Peter R. de Vries has been showing him the tapes has been working incredibly hard to get the evidence on the table that Joran did not only dispose of a body (carries a maximum jail sentence of 6 months in Holland), but to find the evidence that Joran can be accused of “murder” or “manslaughter” because it became clear from his confession that he never checked if Natalee was really dead. http://patrickvandereem.nl/uncategorized/the-ongoing-boycot-aruba-saga/


Superior Court El Diario - 02-14-2007
The whole case of the disappearance of Natalee Holloway gets a different twist now that the information has come out from no less than the Superior Court, and in which mention is made of the declarations of witnesses and a phone tap that show or give an indication that Paul van der Sloot had on two occasions personal contact with Natalee during the night that she disappeared. Mention is made that, according to one or more official reports of the phone tap and also the declaration of Paul van der Sloot himself, that Paul fetched Joran and Natalee at McDonald and took them to the Holiday Inn. Based on this information, the judicial authorities and the police had at that time a justified basis to arrest Paul van der Sloot based on different suspicions.
(Translation Credit: Diario)

Jossy Mansur DANA PRETZER SHOW December 11, 2006
JOSSY: I have a video tape of Gerald Dompig that they do have sufficient material to bring these boys in on kidnapping and rape. Which would be 8 years imprisonment. http://scaredmonkeysradio.com/2006/12/11/jossy-mansur-and-tim-miller-on-the-dana-pretzer-show/


Diario Aruba, September 9, 2008
"Even though Prosecutor Mr. Mos and also the Van Der Sloot family, want to or not, this gives a complete turnaround in the whole investigation. Today DIARIO focuses on the first part of the declaration of the witness. What is being published today is what the local authority (e.o. Prosecutor Mos) know from him, since they have his signed declaration."

"DIARIO again wants to put emphasis on the fact that Prosecutor Mos has knowledge of this part, but doesn't know what he did with it. The second part which will appear soon in the DIARIO contains information that the Prosecution of Aruba has no knowledge of at this point, simply because every time the witness gave his declaration he was pushed into a corner of fear for reprisals." "IN another article, DIARIO will show how Prosecutor Mos paid little attention to this witness and on the contrary, tried to discredit him. This makes you wonder: Is it true that they want to protect Van der Sloot cost what it may?"
(Tranlsation Credit: Diario)


In an A & E Mysteries "What Happened to Natalee Holloway?" television interview with news journalist Bill Kurtis ( air date September 19,2008) Hans Mos states that he has seen no evidence of a cover-up, thinks Aruba did all it could to solve the case, and blamed the U.S. media for disrupting the investigation.

After all the evidence that has come to light over the past three and a half years that shows otherwise, does this sound like a prosecutor trying to solve the Natalee Holloway case - or one who is looking to place blame on the FAILURE of the investigation at someone else's feet?

*Why has Aruban Prosecutor Hans Mos refused to prosecute the case when he clearly has Joran dead to rights on kidnapping and rape charges?

*Why has Aruban Prosecutor Hans Mos refused to prosecute Joran van der Sloot on Manslaughter charges?

*Why has Aruban Prosecutor Hans Mos refused to take on the friends of Paulus van der Sloot in the Dutch judicial system?

*Why has Aruban Prosecutor Hans Mos failed to tackle the corruption in his legal and judicial system?

*Is Aruban Prosecutor Hans Mos simply another pawn in the apparent corrupt legal system? Is he just stalling the case until he can return to Holland like so many before him?


Greta Van Susteren: "So it's physical evidence, something you can actually touch or feel

John Q Kelly: Or see. Sure.

Greta: or some scientific thing

John: Absolutely

Natalee Holloway and her family deserve justice, and we will not let up until they have it!

Natalee’s Freebirds

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Sanitizing The Vehicle

Too Little Too Late, Or Bait and Switch?

Many questions have been raised about the vehicle Natalee Holloway was last seen in - the Silver Honda Civic owned by Deepak Kalpoe.

It seems there was a concerted effort made to possibly remove or dispose of evidence pertaining to Miss Holloway's demise from that car.

It had been reported that the vehicle in question was inspected in the early days of this investigation - wherein the FBI told Natalee's parents that blood was present in the vehicle.

Considering these suspects could never have anticipated the timely arrival of Natalee's desperate family on the island of Aruba, their immediate efforts to cleanse this car don't appear to have been enough to remove this damaging evidence.

June 01 2005
A high school's senior trip to Aruba went terribly wrong for a local family. The trip ended without Natalie Holloway returning. The 18-year-old went to a nightclub in Aruba with a man she befriended while on the trip. She was last seen in the man's car leaving the club at about 1 a.m. Monday. The man, who lives in Aruba, has been interrogated and his car is in FBI custody.

8:00 am Tuesday, May 31, 2005 Beth arrives at Bubali Police Station and Deepak's car is parked in the back.
p. 58 Loving Natalee

With this in mind, we then re-visited what has been made available about the disposition of this Honda Civic in the hours and days after Natalee disappeared.

It is highly unlikely Deepak Kalpoe cleaned his car in the middle of the night, and then dropped it at Automotive Enterprises the next night out of sheer coincidence.

A neighbor saw the vehicle being cleaned in the early morning hours of the same night Natalee went missing

“In the early morning hours of Monday morning (May 30th), Deepak methodically and uncharacteristically cleaned his silver Nissan, claiming that it had “ants” in it..."
(source: CIVIL SUIT filed in New York)

In the night time hours of May 30th, Deepak's vehicle was deposited with Automotive Enterprises - a time during which Deepak told law enforcement he was at work

Because I had worked in the past on the car of Deepak, he approached me to keep z/n its car for him in my garage in the "Automotive Enterprises established" at Wayaca for him. I must note that I in the past the car of Deepak had twice left his car in my garage when I worked on it. With the car of Deepak I mean the grey four door private car of the make "Honda Civic".

On your question if Deepak had told me how he knew that the missing American little girl Natalee Ann HOLLOWAY on Monday, 30 May 2005, in the night time hours, had only her identification document (drivers license) and an amount of US $50, =, in her possession, I answer you the following:

At absolutely no moment did Deepak tell me how he knew that missing little girl only had her identity card and US $50, =, in her possession. You must ask it to Deepak
(Witness Statement given by OF Osman August 6, 2005)

By 8:00 am the morning of May 31st, Deepak's vehicle was located at the Bubali Police Station

Does the above activity tell us the following may have occurred with Deepak's vehicle?

Deepak attempts to clean his blood stained vehicle himself in the middle of the night, within mere hours of Natalee going missing?

That attempt did not remove the blood from the vehicle, and a second attempt at cleaning the vehicle was done by Automotive Enterprises when Deepak took his car there the night of May 30th?

When neither of those attempts at evidence removal worked, and the FBI had found blood in that vehicle during an inspection conducted by June 1, 2005, we then have to pose the question:

Whose vehicle was impounded and forensically tested on June 9, 2005?

Below is a photo of the front of the Kalpoe home, taken on June 9 2005 after the two brothers Deepak and Satish had been taken in by Aruban law enforcement, and after Deepak's silver Honda Civic was purportedly seized by authorities.

1 pic

CBS News: Suspect Knew Natalee http://nataleeholloway.tripod.com/

Whose silver Honda Civic is that pictured outside the Kalpoe home after another Honda Civic was seized by authorities?

The following are pictures of Deepak Kalpoe's Honda Civic - note the number of spokes in the wheels

2 pic

3 pic

Here now is the Honda Civic Aruban police seized in the early morning hours when Deepak and Satish were arrested - note the difference in the number of spokes in the wheel from Deepak's Honda Civic

4 pic

Was the car Natalee Holloway was last seen in the one seized by authorities on June 9 2005?

Or was another car taken in its place?

Where did this second silver Honda Civic come from, and to whom did it belong?

Natalee and her family deserve justice, and we will not let up until they have it!
Natalee's Freebirds

Friday, April 11, 2008

Was Natalee Holloway Drugged?


Joran van der Sloot shows the world in his recorded conversations with Patrick van der Eem the convulsions Natalee Holloway had while he was with her.

He then goes on to explain how he called for assistance - not to aid her - but to dispose of her at sea.

Taking it one step further - Joran van der Sloot admits to Patrick that Natalee may not have actually been deceased at the time she was taken out into the ocean.

Logical minds question the necessity Joran felt in assuring Natalee Holloway was never to be found. What could have happened that would make Joran feel it was imperative to hide Miss Holloway from the world - either alive or deceased?

Reasonable conclusions lead us to believe there was evidence about her person that would have sealed the fate of Joran van der Sloot in a court of law - had she been found.

What could that evidence have been?

If there had been a consensual sexual encounter between Joran and Natalee, his biological presence found with her could have been explained as such - therefore nullifying any need to dispose of Natalee.

If, however, Natalee Holloway had been administered a drug rendering her unable to give consent - that evidence combined with a biological deposit from Joran would indicate rape.

As Joran claimed to have been studying criminal justice, naturally the consequences of what he had done would have been forefront in his mind, thus leading to a plan to dispose of Natalee.

Did Joran van der Sloot drug Natalee Holloway?


We have previously shown the actions that lead us to believe Joran had targeted Miss Holloway for the purpose of a sexual conquest. When his motives are considered, it makes the possibility of drugging Natalee even more prevalent. http://nataleesfreebirds.blogspot.com/2007/03/arubas-predators.html

Medical experts share their knowledge of possible results from ingesting a date rape drug

ABC News Law & Justice Unit
Feb. 15, 2008

Medical experts tell ABC News that the description Joran van der Sloot gave of convulsions apparently experienced by Natalee Holloway on the night she disappeared could be consistent with the date rape drug GHB, and not simply alcohol intoxication.

Doctors and pharmacologists who spoke to ABC said that it's in general unlikely that alcohol poisoning alone could have caused the otherwise healthy Alabama teen to convulse the way Van der Sloot described it to a man who he believed was a friend but who was actually working undercover for a Dutch investigative journalist.

Convulsions 'Consistent' With Date Rape Drug "
If you gave me a choice based on [Van der Sloot's description of the convulsions], alcohol would be lowest on the list and GHB the highest," said Paul Doering, distinguished service professor of pharmacy practice at the University of Florida's College of Pharmacy. "Chronic alcoholics who suddenly discontinue the use of alcohol can experience convulsions, but it's generally not part of the acute toxic phase of alcohol poisoning,'' Doering said. "When people die from alcohol alone, the levels [of alcohol] get so high that they essentially tell the body's respiratory center to stop. They just stop breathing."
"When GHB [gamma hydroxy butyrate] was at its peak use, 10 years ago, [convulsions] would be a commonly reported thing," Doering said, adding that witnesses to GHB overdoses described a person as "looking like he was dead, and then, scarily, he would start shaking like a mackerel on the deck of a fishing boat."

Paul Kolecki, of the emergency medicine department at Thomas Jefferson University's Jefferson Medical College, concurred that in general convulsions were more likely the result of a drug and alcohol combination. "It doesn't happen with alcohol but with GHB it can happen, " he said. "GHB was used by anesthesiologists back in the '50s or '60s, and they had to stop because they were seeing these convulsions," he said. "To convulse and go limp, GHB is classic for that," he said, adding that other drugs like cocaine and ecstasy can also cause convulsions when mixed with too much alcohol.

Here we will explore the opportunity available to Joran for administering a drug to render Miss Holloway unconscious.

Jossy Mansur confirms that Joran van der Sloot has a history on the island of drinking, gambling, and most importantly SLIPPING PILLS INTO GIRLS’ DRINKS. http://thepoliticalteen.net/2005/08/02/jossy-mansur-jvds-has-a-history/

VAN DER SLOOT: "I mean it's happened probably 20, 20 times nothing has ever gone wrong."

David Kock
June 9, 2005
Satish Kalpoe's attorney, David Kock, said his client told him that van der Sloot asked the Kalpoe brothers to pick him up Sunday night so he could meet up with Holloway and her classmates at Carlos'n Charlie's, a popular watering hole in the capital, Oranjestad.
They said they left the bar around 1:30 a.m. with van der Sloot and an intoxicated Holloway in the back seat, then stopped briefly at another restaurant about a block away before heading out of town, Kock said. http://www.al.com/news/birminghamnews/index.ssf?/base/news/1118481459238090.xml&coll=2 http://gwinnettdailyonline.com/GDP/archive/article7CC45D48DBE746FDAC4CA487F0C3448B.asp

Joran van der Sloot
Suspect Statement
June 9, 2005
Then Natalee said that she also wanted to drink a Jellyshot but the bartender told me that that bar was closed. After that Natalee and me walked to another bar that was still open at that time. I asked the bartender two shots of Bacardi 151. I still had the whisky coke in my hand. Natalee asked me if she should drink the Bacardi 151 in one go. I answered her affirmatively and she answered me that she would do it in two. Natalee said to me that she needed a "chaser" in order to drink the Bacardi. Natalee drank my whisky coke as a "chaser" and then she drank the Bacardi 151 in two goes

Dave Holloway
NBC/13 Birmingham (Paraphrased)
Believes that the confession is true. Does not believe that Deepak and Satish are not involved. He believes that their involvement will come forward very soon. He is talking about what happened in Carlos and Charlie's the night that Natalee disappeared. Says that there is a back bar at C&Cs and that Natalee was steered to that bar at last call. He had a friend monitor that bar on several nights in succession. At last call guy would order two drinks bartender would pour two drinks normally and would then reach to a shelf over his head and pour a clear substance into one of the drinks.

There is ample reason to think that not only Joran, but the Kalpoe brothers as well disposed of evidence that was the means of administering such a date rape drug to Natalee.

Joran van der Sloot
Suspect Statement
June 9, 2005
After that Natalee, Satish and myself walked outside because Carlos & Charlies was almost empty. Outside I met an American tourist and he asked me if he could get my cup for free. I threw out the little cola that was still left in the cup and then I gave it to the tourist.

Deepak Kalpoe
Suspect Statement
June 11 2005
As to your question how far I drove into the afore mentioned street, I can say the following, I think I drove about 55 yards into that street. Joran said that I should let him out there. After that I brought my car to a full stop. Joran got out first and then the girl. He said: Fine, I will see you tomorrow. I asked him how he would get home. He said that he would find a way to get home. I said, and the girl. He answered, I will drop her off at the “Holiday Inn Hotel”, we will walk along the beach and it is very close by. I had asked him, sure. He answered yes, I will see you tomorrow. I do remember that I saw them walking off hand in hand. I drove out of the street to get back onto the road and proceeded driving into the direction of my house. I do remember that in front of the “Marriot Hotel” Satish asked me to stop momentarily. I did what he asked me, Satish rolled down his window and threw out the two “Yards”. After that we drove until we got to the roundabout near “Texaco Sasakr”. At the roundabout I headed due east in the direction of my house at Hooiberg.

Although Joran van der Sloot claims to have been lying to Patrick van der Eem when he described Miss Holloway's physical condition the morning of May 30th 2005, along with her ultimate fate - there is evidence to support those admissions.

“I know several times when they interviewed me the polis down there they kept asking me about Natalee, different questions about her, if she was an epileptic, and just crazy things like that. So it very well could have been that they took her out, they put something in her drink, she flipped out and she died. But if that's the case I don't understand if they don't know anything about it why didn't they come help Beth and I look the next morning? Why did they tell us they dropped her at the Holiday Inn when they really dropped her at the beach. It just doesn't make sense.”

On The Record February 4, 2008
Where did the police get that seizure bit if they didn't get it from Joran when they picked him up?
John: I can't imagine any other place, I mean this was right after they had originally interviewed Joran and both Jug and Beth recall at least four (4) investigators asking them whether Natalee had epileptic seizures in the past or any sort of seizure history at all. van der Straaten, Jacobs, Tromp and a female investigator all repeatedly asked both Jug and Beth "does Natalee have any history of this' and they didn't just make that up, they obviously got it from somewhere.

Beth Holloway
February 7, 2008
HOLLOWAY: I couldn't believe it because, I mean, it was so stunning, it was so stunning that I was hearing these words that Joran was saying because two- and-a-half years ago, gosh, Greta, within 48 hours of Natalee's disappearance — 48 hours — the lead detective, Dennis Jacobs, came to me in the Bubali (ph) police station and says, Does Natalee have a history of epilepsy or seizures? And I thought, No, why are you asking that? And he did it — they did it repeatedly to Jug. And when I was hearing that, it just — it just felt like it brought everything full circle of what we had been fighting for.

Satish Kalpoe
Suspect Statement
June 13, 2005
Then I asked my brother how the girl was doing.

Satish Kalpoe
Suspect Statement
June 11, 2005
Joran told my brother that he had then tried to wake up the girl but that she had not awakened

Joran van der Sloot's book
Page 161
After Freddy's second statement on June 13th at 18:30, in which he keeps insisting that I told him the first story already on May 30th, the police confront us as best friends with each other. Some further statements follow after that. In the end Freddy states in his 6th and 7th statements that I have told him that Natalee went unconscious several times and did not regain consciousness at a certain moment, that I tried to wake her up by shaking her but that but this also did not work.

Ranger Rover confession
JORAN VAN DER SLOOT: All of a sudden, Patrick, like a movie, all the things she did.


VAN DER SLOOT: Yes, a lot. So I was, like, (DELETED), what's all this?

In conclusion, this document has demonstrated opportunity, motive and results consistent with the administration of a date rape drug.


On The Record
February 4, 2008
John (Q. Kelly): I think they thought this would go away; these are the classic signs from a date rape drug GHB, the foaming at the mouth, the seizure, the cardiac arrest and someone like Joran, when you're the last person with someone alive and you don't call for help and dispose of a body, make up stories in terms of what happened to her, there's a reason you do that and you either summon help because something went wrong or you cover it up because you did something wrong, that's what happened here.

There must have been something else that happened to her that he just wanted to dispose of her.

Satish Kalpoe
Suspect Statement
June 24, 2005
Joran said “if a body is found that we are in big trouble”

Natalee and her family deserve justice, and we will not let up until they have it!
Natalee's Freebirds

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


The Search For Natalee Holloway Needs Your Help!

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Natalee's Freebirds have been following the ocean search for Natalee, hoping for a miracle: that the proverbial needle in the haystack might be found, and somehow, Natalee could be brought back home to Alabama for a proper resting place.

With funds nearly depleted, and many targets yet to be explored, the burden of not completing the mission is heavy on our hearts as we ask both individuals and corporations to join us and help bring Natalee home.

All donations, large and small, are gratefully accepted, and are tax deductible.

Please visit http://www.texasequusearch.org/donate.html and be sure to designate your gift for the "Natalee Holloway Search".

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Natalee Holloway's family has been through nearly three years of anguish and grief - please help to bring their daughter home!

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Thank you, everyone, for supporting this search effort.

Friday, February 8, 2008


Joran: "Things seem to be going even better than I hoped."

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Peter de Vries program secretly videotaped Joran van der Sloot with Patrick van der Eem who befriended Joran, and in the secret recordings Joran describes in detail the most horrific crime he committed against Natalee Ann Holloway in Aruba in the early morning hours of May 30, 2005.

Along with Joran's statements we see that he went out on the evening of May 29, 2005 with the intent to hook up with the Mountain Brook girls at a nightclub in Aruba named Carlos n' Charlie's. Even though Joran is underage he illegally enters Carlos n' Charlie's and has arranged for Deepak and Satish Kalpoe to go with him.

“I have a VIP pass. With my VIP pass Deepak and Satish were also allowed in.”

Source: Joran van der Sloot June 9, 2005 statement

Then Joran describes leaving Carlos n' Charlie's with Natalee in Deepak's car where Natalee becomes unconscious.

"Driving past the front of the Marriott Hotel Natalee half fell asleep/half dozed off. "

Source: Joran van der Sloot June 9, 2005 statement



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Joran explains to Greta that he has picked up girls in the clubs in Aruba before

VAN DER SLOOT: "I mean it's happened probably 20, 20 times nothing has ever gone wrong." http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,186707,00.html

Holly Brown, a friend who accompanied Holloway to Aruba and was at Carlos ‘N Charlie’s the night she disappeared, said she found Van Der Sloot to be “very different.”

“We noticed he was in the casino all by himself,” she told CNN in Alabama. “He lied about his age, and when we went on the (Carlos ‘N Charlie’s) Web site, we found pictures of him there one week before at the same place, wearing the same clothes.” http://www.cnn.com/2005/LAW/06/10/missing.teen/index.html

"11. Joran van der Sloot is no stranger to sexual assault on young women"

"12. On at least three occasions prior to May 2005, young Aruban women" alleged that they were the victims of "date rape" perpetrated by Joran and his accomplices."

"13. Using Ecstasy as his "date rape" drug of choice, Joran prowled the island, seeking to prey upon young female tourists, especially blonds."

"20. ON the afternoon of May 29 in particular, Paulus van der Sloot personally delivered and accompanied his underage son Joran to one of Aruba's casinos in order that both of them could, as they had many times in the past, play in a poker tournament. It was at that casino that Joran first met Natalee."

Source: New York Civil Suit filed by John Q. Kelly

Not only does Joran frequent the casino's, but so does his father and on the night of May 30, 2005, BOTH Joran and his father, Paulus van der Sloot met Natalee

4 pic


“Beth said that one of the things that had gotten changed about her statements that was so upsetting to her was that she had given detailed descriptions of Paulus Van der Sloot with his name included several times in her statement and when she got it translated, she found out that her description had been changed to read only “the man with the glasses”.

HOLLOWAY TWITTY: "Well, there was a phone call made. And it was just really having me refer to—you know, I‘d only mentioned the fact I had gotten from prosecuting attorney as far as the open line of credit, and that Joran is in his casino gambling, and I don‘t think there was ever a question that Joran and Paulus Van Der Sloot had been in that Excelsior Casino, and, particularly, on the night of the 29th where he and his father met Natalee." http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/9407728/


June 9, 2006

Kimberly Guilfoyle: "What we do know is that Joran and the Kalpoe brothers were the last people seen with Natalee Holloway, which is the reason why they still remain to this day the main suspects in the case. As for Paulus, sources say he is the person next to Natalie in the casino."



April 4, 2006 COSBY … "John, first of all, is there a possibility that Paulus might have been talking to Natalee the night that she disappeared?"

JOHN Q. KELLY, HOLLOWAY FAMILY ATTORNEY: "Well, if you look at the surveillance video footage, it appears that he’s the one sitting directly next to her and tries to engage her in conversation a couple of times. And it’s sort of ironic that it’s his father who brought his underage son to a casino and left him there after he left, with access to his line of credit, to put this unfortunate chain of events in process."



"32. At C&C, the trio [Joran,Deepak, Satish] met Natalee. After buying and serving Natalee with alcoholic beverages, Joran, Deepak and Satish induced her to leave with them."

Source: New York Civil Law Suit filed by John Q. Kelly and Chadbourne & Parke, February 16, 2006

Greta Van Susteren: "Do you remember any conversation at all you had with him, like even if it was like' about chips, or anything at all?"

Ruth McVey: "Only that he said that he was 19 and played soccer at a school in Holland."

Greta Van Susteren: "So he didn't say that he was in high school?"

Ruth McVey: "No"


"33. At approximately 1:30 a.m, Natalee, in an intoxicated state, left C&C and entered a sliver Nissan sedan owned by Deepak. Deepak drove, with Satish in the front passenger seat and Joran and Natalee in the back seat. The car drove off."

Source: New York Civil Law Suit filed by John Q. Kelly and Chadbourne & Parke, February 16, 2006


DID JORAN RAPE NATALEE? – whom he knowingly and admittedly stated was unconscious and drunk

"I placed my left hand at that moment in time between the inside of her leg. I started stroking her breasts with my right hand. Natalee was wearing a bra. I did not put my hand into her bra. Natalee had normal size breasts. Beyond the Marriot Hotel and into the direction of Tierra del Sol I had fingered Natalee. With my fingers I pushed Natalee's panty to the side and fingered her with two fingers. According to me she was shaved because I did not feel any hair. I first stuck my middle finger inside and then I put my index finger inside. While I was doing this Natalee and I kept kissing. I fingered Natalee for about one to two minutes and then pulled my hand out of her panty and placed my hand on her hip."

source:Joran VDS Suspect Statement 06/09/05


Natalee wore a dark blue panty. According to me they were embroidered panties and according to me these were flowers."

Source: Joran van der Sloot June 9, 2005 statement

"Natalee fell half asleep/dozed off again. While we were driving in the direction/towards the hotel, she dozed off several times/fell half asleep several times and we didn't kiss anymore."

source:Joran VDS Suspect Statement 06/09/05

Joran told me, “Natalee was totally wasted, and I was drunk. We had sex on the beach'."


Joran: "Even if they find her dead, with my semen in her"

Source: Peter deVries secret recordings http://www.dumpert.nl/mediabase/40829/08150258/joran_loopt_volledig_leeg.html


Deepak Kalpoe admits they all had sex with her:

11-23 FOX News "When FOX News commented then asked “So Jamie can I ask you...the clip that we heard where Deepak it could be suggested says that the boys had sex with Natalee. Specifically, that he did and it was very easy to do. Is that authentic? Is that what he told you when you interviewed him?,”

SKEETERS said “Yes, the word was ‘you'd be surprised how simple it was."

You are telling me that John Charles CROES has stated that I wrote while I was chatting with him that I had written that the girl had put her hands in/down my pants, I can say the following. I did this to frustrate/mess up the investigation. I wanted to direct the focus of the police on myself and Joran because we were afraid that Satish would get the details wrong with regard to the "Holiday Inn" story"

source 6/29/05 Deepak Statement

John Charles Croes/Deepak Kalpoe friend - chat traffic/6/19/05/Dennis Jacobs / Luigi Croes source: Kalpoe vs. McGraw lawsuit http://homepage.mac.com/mcgraw.kalpoe.docs/Statements_timeline.htm


* May 29, 2005 - Paulus was sitting next to Natalee in the Casino at the blackjack table talking to her.

*1:40 AM - May 30th, 2005 - stopped in Deepak's car in front of my house, it was about 01.40 am. At that moment in time Deepak, Satish, Natalee and myself were in Deepak's car.

Source: Joran's statement 6/14/05

* "Some of this information we have, we are not going to expose right now. I can tell you that from the information we have, Paul Van der Sloot was directly involved with the disappearance of Natalee Holloway."

Source: Court TV Interview with TJ Ward, David Wright from the National Enquirer and CATHERINE CRIER Sept 26, 2005

* Deepak Kalpoe to Joran: "Your own father, unbelievable"

Source: Secretly recorded Polis tapes June 2005

* MICKEY JOHN: "He said a story being made up about dropping the girl of at a Holiday Inn, was all something being made up. He, and the Dutch guy, and the Dutch guy's father, they sit and made up the story.

VAN SUSTEREN: The father, too?

JOHN: All of them. They made up...

VAN SUSTEREN: Did he specifically say — Deepak specifically say to you the father was part of that?

JOHN: Deepak told me that he and the family sit down and they made up the story." http://www.foxnews.com/printer_friendly_story/0,3566,161044,00.html

"No Body No Case"

Paulus did say no body, no case, just after Natalee disappeared, While discussing with the boys. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/8389319

5 pic

Superior Court Diario - 02-14-2007

The whole case of the disappearance of Natalee Holloway gets a different twist now that the information has come out from no less than the Superior Court, and in which mention is made of the declarations of witnesses and a phone tap that show or give an indication that Paul van der Sloot had on two occasions personal contact with Natalee during the night that she disappeared. Mention is made that, according to one or more official reports of the phone tap and also the declaration of Paul van der Sloot himself, that Paul fetched Joran and Natalee at McDonald and took them to the Holiday Inn. Based on this information, the judicial authorities and the police had at that time a justified basis to arrest Paul van der Sloot based on different suspicions. (Translation Credit: Diario)


Murder is a form of homicide committed with malice aforethought. Malice aforethought has various definitions, all of which relate to the state of mind of the person who commits murder. Those definitions are:

a.intention to cause grevious injury and death resulted;

b.conduct with a "depraved heart" showing lack of care for human life;

Under Dutch law, there ARE charges that apply here of obstruction of justice and obstruction of an investigation. Lying, such as when J. SLOOT, DEEPAK and SATISH lied about leaving NATALEE at the “Holiday Inn,” WOULD constitute an obstruction of one or the other kind depending on the lie.

Joran: “I knew she wanted to fuck (talks about Natalee)”

Joran: “I then gave her a bacardi 151 (75% alcohol). She asked for a chaser, I see shes so drunk, but I thought: Im gonna fuck her.”

Joran: “So I said to S&D, drop us on the beach, Ill fuck her”

Joran: “Then she started shaking like crazy... The beach was empty, I walked to her, no reaction, she just kept shaking, NO foam around her mouth”

Joran: “I picked Nat up and put her near the mangrove trees at the mariott. “

At this point Joran is aware that Natalee is in distress, but he does nothing to help her. He doesn't call 911, he doesn't yell for help, he doesn't run to the Marriott and call for anyone to help her.

Involuntary manslaughter exists when a person commits an unlawful killing but does not intend to kill and does not act with the conscious disregard for human life.

Joran: “I started thinking, no one know I even left the house. But I knew this guy I "had" something on, so I phoned him.

Joran: she is in the ocean.

Patrick: how did you know she died?

Joran: I just knew

P: did you try CPR? Joran: I tried everything, I pulled her up

P: how did you know if she was dead? wasn't she in a coma?

J: I didnt know.

P: did you feel her'?

J; no, but it didn't look good...

Joran: I wasn't sure she was dead.

Joran: “I only spent 2 hours with her. I fingerfucked her, she jerked me off, I just wanted to ask her for a blowjob went she started shaking... I didn't lose a nights sleep, I have to look good"

He has her disposed of and doesn't even know whether she is dead or still alive.



Joran: "Even if they find her dead, with my semen in her"

Murder is a form of homicide committed with malice aforethought. Malice aforethought has various definitions, all of which relate to the state of mind of the person who commits murder.

a.intention to cause grevious injury and death resulted;

b.conduct with a "depraved heart" showing lack of care for human life;

* Joran knew Natalee was drunk

* Joran knew Natalee was unconscious and he "had sex with" her.

* Joran doesn't know if Natalee was dead when he disposed of her.

* Joran showed no concern for eighteen-year-old Natalee Holloway's life and had her disposed of in the ocean.

* Joran lied in order to cover up his crime

35. Kept against her will, Natalee was sexually assaulted, was fondled and was touched without her consent by Joran and his accomplices, over and over again, as she drifted in and out of consciousness.

Source: New York Civil Law Suit filed by John Q. Kelly and Chadbourne & Parke, February 16, 2006

"I think I am incredibly lucky that she's never been found because if she had been found I would be in deep shit"
Source: Peter deVries secret recordings: http://www.dumpert.nl/mediabase/40829/08150258/joran_loopt_volledig_leeg.html

From the secretly recorded police car conversations between Joran, Deepak and Satish

Deepak: They’re going to give you fifteen years if they find the girl.

Citizens of the world want justice.

America wants justice.

Extradite Joran van der Sloot to the United States to stand trial

Gerard Spong, a prominent Dutch attorney, stated earlier today that there is a very real chance that van der Sloot may win the criminal case, but will be unable to win a civil suit brought by the surviving family members. Since there is an extradition treaty between the Netherlands and the United States, possible damages may be "..far more than he will ever be able to repay. The American system for awarding damages can have devastating results."

When the FBI Seeks Extradition


1. Murder; assault with intent to commit murder.

2. Manslaughter.

3. Malicious wounding; inflicting grievous bodily harm.

4. Arson.

5. Rape; indecent assault; incest; bigamy. 8. Kidnapping; abduction; false imprisonment.

21. Perjury; subornation of perjury; making a false statement to a government agency or official.

28. Offenses against the laws relating to the traffic in, or the possession, production or manufacture of narcotic drugs, cannabis, psychotropic drugs, cocaine and its derivatives, and other dangerous drugs and chemicals.

29. Offenses against laws relating to the poisonous chemicals or substances injurious to health.

32. Offenses against the laws relating to obstruction of justice.

Natalee Holloway and her family deserve justice, and we will not let up until they have it! Natalee's Freebirds